Zeversolar, founded in 2007, has grown to become one of the biggest solar inverter manufacturers in China. Spreading its reach in Europe and Australia, they are supplying reliable, affordable and easy-to-use solar inverters for all kinds of photovoltaic systems.

Zeversolar offers solar energy solutions from domestic to industrial levels. From 1-10 kilowatt inverters to a 500-kilowatt central inverter, there is definitely a fit in between for every solar panel requirement. Zeversolar prides itself to have combined the best of both worlds in solar power manufacturing—Chinese efficiency and German quality standards.


Key Features:

  • Zeversolar offers a wide variety of inverter models to fit specific needs. Residential, commercial, and Industrial inverters for small-scale power generation to the most ambitious solar projects.
  • Provides software and monitoring tools that simplify reporting of your PV systems. Zeversolar’s monitoring solutions allow users to control PV system performance and immediate recognition of technical faults.
  • Economically priced with 98% and above efficiency rate.
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