Used by 40% of the world market for solar energy, SMA is undoubtedly a brand to trust in the photovoltaic system technology. With German origin, SMA deploys more than 3,000 employees in 20 countries around the world to provide innovative PV applications for customers who aims to be more independent in their energy needs.

SMA has a cemented reputation in the renewable energy industry with 30 years of manufacturing and servicing experience. SMA Solar Technology offers a wide array of PV solutions for home, commercial, and industrial systems.

Key Features

  • SMA provides state-of-the-art solar solutions with many years of experience in setting-up complex solar systems.
  • SMA offers quality products to meet any installation requirement. Their solar inverters ensure high yields in thousands of PV systems worldwide.
  • Adaptive of roof designs and systems, SMA’s solar inverters are also equipped with right communications technology of superior monitoring and control.
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