Shenzhen INVT Electric provides a diversified range of services from industrial controls to renewable energy systems. With a large workforce operating locally and internationally, INVT cemented its name as one of the leading and respected provider of products for industrial automation and electric power since 2002.

SkyBright Solar takes the BPD Series Single Phase Solar Water Pump Inverters as one of the first products to offer for the Ilonggo market. The BPD series solar water-pump inverter adopts the dynamic VI MPPT technology and motor control technology. It is suitable for AC water pumps with promote response, high efficiency, and stable performance.

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Key Features

  • INVT offers a wide range of high, mid, and low-voltage general-purpose and industry-specific inverters with voltages ranging from 220V-10KV and power range between 0.4KW and 8000KW.
  • INVT inverters are widely applied to the industries of lifting, mining, metallurgy, textiles, machine tools, chemical, plastics, oil & gas, municipal, cement, power, etc.
  • The INVT BPD solar water pump is a reliable technology that can help Ilonggo homes minimize huge electricity bills.
  • INVT offers excellent after-sales services.
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