GoodWe is a leading manufacturer of solar inverters with products used globally. They build a wide range of inverters for commercial and residential use and is a trusted supplier of CEC-accredited solar inverters to the Australian market for over 5 years.


GoodWe is funded by the Chinese government, and world-renowned electronics giant JXT Group, one of China’s largest manufacturers of electronic connectors and also the major supplier of Apple and Samsung mobile components. With the company’s continuing innovation and commitment to quality, GoodWe is a brand to trust for quality and price conscious customers.


Key Features:

GoodWe products are manufactured with strong focus on quality. Each solar inverters are designed to be powerful, intelligent, and comes with a user-friendly interface that works great in both commercial and residential applications.


  • GoodWe’s solar inverters passed the strict ATS testing that evaluates the product’s key performance, durability, compliance, and safety attributes.
  • GoodWe’s products are very user-centric. Their solar inverters are 30% lighter compared to competitors and offered in different colors (SS & DS series have red, blue, silver options) for the aesthetic-conscious buyer.
  • All GoodWe solar inverters have MPPT efficiency of over 99.5% and boasts high conversion efficiency of up to 98.2%.
  • Offers variety of models to ensure flexibility in various applications. Click here to find out which GoodWe solar inverter is the best for your home or business! Add internal link to contact us.
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