Net Metering

Net metering or net energy metering allows residential and commercial consumers who generate their own electricity from solar power to use that energy anytime they require. The electricity they do not use will be fed back into the grid for future use.
Net metering is basically a billing mechanism that credits you, the solar energy system owner for the electricity that you generate and add to the grid (The grid or the electrical grid is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers).

For example, during daytime, you generate more electricity more than you consume, the excess energy will be exported to the grid. The exported electricity will serve consumers near your line. During the night or periods that your electricity consumption exceed your solar system's output, your electric meter will roll back to credit the electricity you put into the grid.

Net metering allows you to efficiently manage your energy use resulting to more savings on your electricity bill.
Yes it is! Any excess electricity you produce from a grid-tied solar system, could be fed back into the grid if you apply to PECO for a Net-Metering upgrade.
We will walk you through the Net-Metering application at PECO and City Hall to obtain the required Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection relating to the new solar installation, to help you process your application ensuring a smooth, hassle free process to help you start earning electricity credits.
In order to approve the new solar system installation, PECO require an AC Disconnect switch close to your outdoor meter, which SkyBright Solar will install for you.

SkyBright Solar Will Help You GET A NET METERING UPGRADE!

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