About SkyBright Solar

SkyBright Solar was formed by The Lawrance Group, Inc. by the company's CEO, David Lawrance to fulfill a gap in the local Renewable Energy market.

There is a strong desire by everyone to reduce their energy bills significantly and we believe the time is right NOW to take advantage of recent reduction in Solar System prices BUT still maintain high-quality equipment selection and after sales services.

We may be a newcomer to a local market but our CEO has over 35 years with high-tech broadcast and telecom companies, from Sony Broadcast in UK to his other company in Hong Kong, Sky Dragon Asia Pacific Ltd (www.skydragon.hk) which has been established as Hong Kongs leader in highly specialized Airfield Ground Lighting system for past 13 years and still going strong.

SkyBright Solar aims to make clean energy available and affordable to everyone while educating consumers of its incredible benefits on their personal finances, the economy, and the environment.

Solar energy is not only our business, it is our longstanding commitment to our planet. Our approach is to build quality systems with high and tested engineering standards, ensuring safety and ease of use for our clients.

We transform the way people use energy.

Contact us NOW and we will show you the real deal.

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